HMP™ Range of Threaded Pipe Couplings

HMP Range Of Threaded Pipe Couplings


The HMP™ Threaded Pipe Coupling is designed to suspend / hang high pressure pipes vertically in a bore hole or shaft. Where the pipe coupling must carry the weight of the entire pipe column below it, as well as the weight of the water / paste fill / back fill / slurry. The HMP™ Threaded coupling is designed to take very little space. Installation is easy as the pipes screw into each other, then lowered down the bore hole or shaft. We are offering the service of Finite Element assessment to check that the column is not over stressed and that it is safe to operate. The HMP™ Threaded coupling can be used in pumping or feeding of water, paste fill, back fill or slurry. The HMP™ Threaded couplings with the pipe column can be permanently installed by pouring concrete into the bore hole around the pipe column. 


The HMP™ Threaded coupling can be manufactured in a wide range of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the client specification. 


The HMP™ Threaded coupling has been designed in accordance with various international standards as set out below:
ASME Boilers and pressure vessels design code
ANSI B16.3 ANSI N278 .1
ANSI B16.34 ANSI B16.37

Available sizes: DN50 / 2" to DN250 / 10"
Pressure rating: up to 25MPa / 3 626 psi


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