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The Hydromine Group of Companies herewith officially declare that we do not support the course of action taken by the Russian government to invade Ukraine. 

South Africa is 1 of 193 countries that are member of the United Nations, and its decision to abstain from voting to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 2nd of March 2022 does not reflect our own, as we do not support the decision taken by Russia.


Hydromine™ Projects International who is the intellectual property owner of the LFC™ and HMP™ ranges of equipment, has entered into an agreement with Hydromine™ Products (Pty) Ltd, to manufacture under licence all of the LFC™ and some of its HMP™ it’s in Johannesburg South Africa.

LFC 3B Spring Acting Surge Relief Valve

The HYDROMINE GROUP of COMPANIES is looking for local business in South Africa and Africa that can become distributers in local towns or cities of the LFC™_3B PN25 Control and Safety valve range, to market and supply to the local industries.


We found that it was necessary to develop a pilot operated pressure regulating valve to enter markets like potable water supply to cities and townships, fire suppression systems, agricultural and general industrial application.

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