Examples of HYDROMINE™ Projects International’s completed milestones:

Rio Tinto - Arizona, USA

Resolution Mine, No 9 shaft - Shaft piping couplings

During 2019 HYDROMINE™ Projects International, manufactured and supplied the couplings for 3 x +/- 2,500m / 8,203 ft long columns at Rio Tinto, no 9 shaft in Arizona USA. The installation consists of 1 x DN250 / 10” pump column and 2 x DN200 / 8” glycol columns that will be used for cooling the mine. The couplings supplied are the HMP Hydraulic coupling that is used on plain ended pipes. The couplings not only joins the pipes, each coupling also acts as an expression joint. Allowing for contraction and expansion when temperatures changes. The use of the HMP™ hydraulic coupling reduces installation time of the pipes and cuts all welding cost of flanges, sleeves or tapered couplings. The HMP Hydraulic coupling is 25 MPa / 2326 psi rated and the best solution for vertical shaft piping.


Hindustan Zinc, Rajpure-Dariba Mine - India

HYDROMINE™ Products manufactured a 4" 600lbs pressure regulating station for the mine's underground service water. The system is designed to reduce the upstream pressure from 55 bar / 798 psi to a downstream pressure of 6 bar / 87 psi at a maximum flow of 50 ℓ/sec /793 gal/min. Because of its dual streams design, the system can be used 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year without shutting the water down for maintenance. All the valves in this system are fully stainless steel and the piping system is hot dipped galvanized, with a thickness of 120 microns, to provide corrosion protection against the highly corrosive condition of the mine.


Ivanhoe Kipushi Project  - DRC

Supply and fabrication of a high pressure pump column for Ivanhoe Kipushi Project in the DRC.


Vedanta - Hindustan Zink, India

Rampura Agucha Mine - Pressure Reducing Stations

HYDROMINE™ Projects International manufactured and supplied all the potable water and service water pressure regulation stations for the underground mine.


Shaft coupling installation

HYDROMINE™ Projects International manufactured and supplied 1 x DN300 and 1 x DN250 dewatering columns for the newly sunk shaft of approximately 1000m / 3,281 ft deep. The columns were successfully commissioned & the client is very happy with the product.


AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi Gold mine - Ghana

HYDROMINE™ Products manufactured some high-pressure isolation valves for the mine's dewatering system.



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