HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B Spring Acting Surge Relief Valves

LFC 3B Spring Acting Surge Relief ValveOVERVIEW

A surge relief valve is designed to open when a over pressure situation occurs and thereby prevent excessively high pressures from putting people and equipment at risk.

The HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B spring acting surge relief valve has been developed to present a robust and simple and cost-effective low pressure (up to 2.5 MPa / 363 psi) solution to fluid handling issues in any industrial sector.


The HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B spring acting surge relief valve is designed to minimize wearing parts and in effect only has one moving part called the plug assembly. The plug assembly is a piston that is engineered to be unbalanced. The unbalanced plug assembly together with a spring are designed to use inline fluid pressure to create specific conditions in the system without the use of an external controller or pilot.

A fixed opening force can be established by fixing the surface area ratio exposed to the upstream pressure and the spring combined. Upstream pressure would act to open the valve. As the upstream pressure increases, the opening force increases proportionally causing the spring to compress and the valve to open. If upstream pressure is reduced, the valve will close proportionally in an effort to maintain its hydraulic ratio and spring force combined.

The HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B spring acting surge relief valve relief pressure can be adjusted within the spring range.


All the moving parts of HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B Surge relief valve are manufactured from stainless steel which increases reliability and durability. The HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B requires minimal maintenance, the majority of which, can be conducted with the valve remaining in situ.


LFC 3B Spring Acting Surge Relief Valve MATERIALS

All face to face dimensions are in accordance with ANSI B16.10 Class 150.


LFC 3B Flow Rates


Please consult with HYDROMINE™ Projects International for clarification of correct sizing for your requirements. 


The HYDROMINE™ LFC_3B surge relief valve has been designed in accordance with various international standards as set out below:

ASME Boilers and pressure vessels design code

ANSI B16.10
ANSI B16.34
ANSI B16.37
ANSI Bl6.5
ANSI N278 .1

Available sizes: DN50 / 2" to DN400 / 16"
Face to face dimensions to ANSI B16.10
Pressure rating: up to 2.5 MPa / 363 psi

Available end connections: ANSI Bl6.5, BS4504, BS10, AS/NZS 4331.1 (ISO 7005-1) DIN, all makes of grooved or ring joint couplings and other as per client’s requirement.


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