Statement - Hydrocore

Statement with regards to Hydrocore and intellectual property. 

Following the termination of a distribution agreement with Hydrocore, we can confirm that there was a temporary restraint of trade clause in the agreement whereby HYDROMINE™ Projects cc, was prohibited from competing with Hydrocore. This restraint lapsed on the 7th of December 2020. The restraint was valid for two years and applied in South Africa only. 

There was never a restraint against any of the other companies in the HYDROMINE™ group of companies or against Henry de Lange personally.  

All the companies within the HYDROMINE™ group are free to compete with Hydrocore and can manufacture, market, and sell products that are designed to perform the same function.  

None of the products that any of the companies in the HYDROMINE™ Group manufactures, markets or sells are in any direct or indirect patent breaches with any third-party products.  

The HYDROMINE™ Group does not use any of Hydrocore' drawings and has its own design department, produces its own designs, design calculations and drawings. 

HYDROMINE™ Projects International owns a SolidWorks software package, used by the design department and the licence fees are paid up to date.  

The HYDROMINE™ LFC_1B and LFC_3B ranges of valves are HYDROMINE™ Projects International' own unique designs. HYDROMINE™ Projects International holds all the intellectual property rights to the HYDROMINE™ LFC_1B and LFC_3B ranges of valves. 

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